Globes aren't just for Christmas!

Snow Globes are a lot like puppies…they’re not just for Christmas!  After Santa’s annual gift giving frenzy, most children will tell you that the next best time of the year is Halloween.

We like to think that we’re pretty down with the kids (!), so we’ve made sure that we have skills that are the opposite of the Fairy Godmother in ‘Cinderella’ - our SnowGlobes can be quickly and easily transformed into a giant pumpkin!

All that’s needed is a different backdrop with a  Halloween theme, an orange skirt to go around the exterior of the base and to complete the theme, the globe can be filled with JBL’s Black Halloween Globe Snow.  Yes, the snow is in fact available in 3 colours - white, black and red.  All come in 5kg sacks.

JBL’s Globe Snow creates a soft, feathery snow effect, and there is enough of it to sprinkle falling snow for several minutes. Each 5kg bag covers approximately 50 sq metres at a depth of 1cm.  Very light and easily ‘animated’ by any air moving device, the versatility and colour options, mean that it’s suitable for any theme….including Halloween!

What a Thriller!