Joining JBL’s expanding catalogue are The Sports Pods. 
Launched in the UK and the USA , this fun new addition to our business presents another original and fun way to get your themed sports photo taken. 
The positive feedback we’ve already received has been pretty overwhelming. 
This season, you’ll stand an excellent chance of seeing one in Boston (Boston Red Sox have a baseball pod). They’ll also be up and running in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos. You won’t have to travel too far from the UK to see one though as we’re already taking bookings for many event companies and shopping centres in the UK and Europe. 
JBL Sports Pods are protected by registered design and IP to give added exclusivity. JBL are the first company in the world to come up with this design and concept. 
As well as providing the opportunity to raise revenue through photo opportunities, the Pods can also be used as a stand alone display ornaments, making them ideal for feature shop window displays, sporting events, [e.g. Wimbledon] and shopping malls. It can also be used to promote sports brands and products for private and corporate hire. A giant eye catching decoration! 
But that’s not all. The real beauty of the Pods are in their adaptability. With a range of 3 sizes to suit all spaces and customer requirements all sections can be removed meaning the Pods can be magically (!) transformed into a tennis, golf or football or many other sports themes- the promotional possibilities are limitless. 
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