The Original Giant Snow Globe

Based around the well loved concept of a miniature snow globe with flakes tumbling around a picturesque scene, JBL have created a patented giant version which recreates that snowy scene we all remember….but this time, you too can be a part of it as the globes are large enough to fit adults and children alike!  Now available in 45 countries worldwide, your guests can enter the JBL Giant Snow Globe through our patented entrance and become part of the scene!

Staff can take 6 x 8 photographs as a memento of your guest’s unique experience.

Besides the obvious fun factor this attraction provides, Snow Globe Hire also provides the perfect bespoke opportunity to display your company’s branding and/or event message (i.e.  Christmas greeting).

Please contact us to join major companies such as Harrods, Top Shop and numerous TV and film companies in using this unique fun attraction at your event.

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UK Manufacturing

Our first Giant Snow Globe was designed and patented back in 2007 and they are now used in over 45 countries worldwide. Our products adhere to strict UK manufacturing guidelines and are of unprecedented quality; a fact we’re very proud of.

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Why buy from us?

JBL designed and patented the Giant Snow Globe in 2007. We follow strict UK manufacturing guidelines, and besides the fact that our globes are easy to set up - it takes as little as 10 minutes to assemble and the theme can be changed in only 5 minutes.

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Our patent

© 2015 JBL Leisure Limited, all rights reserved. The Snowglobe carries a UK Patent Number GB2457100. Also a European Community Design Registration Number 000925078-0001 and International Patent application PCT/EP2009/051060.

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