Terms & Conditions 

Terms & Conditions 
Conditions of Sale/Returns Policy 
[a] Full amount payable with order, unless otherwise stated or previously agreed. 
[b] Balance of monies to be paid and cleared prior to despatch, unless previous arrangements have been made. 
[c] Prices exclude VAT and delivery or shipping cost. 
[d] Payments and/or deposit are not refundable in the event of cancellation. There is a no purchase cancellation for any snow globe or custom or bespoke globe or goods or services. 
[e] JBL does not reimburse shipping costs except where required by law. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to assemble and check the product using the setup and operations manual provided, failure to do so will invalidate return warranty. Consumable items unless otherwise stated are covered for 1 week from date of delivery. Note: All Snow Globes, Auto Globes, Disabled access Globes and Baubles are custom bespoke and made to order unless otherwise stated when ordering. If you return an item that is faulty that is later tested and found to not be faulty you will be responsible for arranging and paying for collection. When returning a faulty item please ensure it is securely packaged in the original packaging and complete with any accessories you received with it. 
[f] For all customers - Terms are strictly payment with your order, 2% above bank rate interest will be charged on all overdue accounts and thereafter at 4% per month above bank rate. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery of further goods or spares will not be delivered until overdue accounts are settled. 
2. The equipment remains the property of the Vendor until such time as all the money due for the purchase of the said equipment is received and until such time the customer is expressly prohibited from selling, parting with possession, charging, hiring or otherwise disposing of the equipment. If, nonetheless, the customer acts in breach of this clause he should be deemed to do so as fiduciary agent of the vendor. Furthermore, until such money is received, the purchaser is under obligation to keep the equipment in good condition and in full working order. In the event of any failure by the purchaser to pay the Vendor any sums due in respect of the said equipment in accordance with the agreed terms, or in the event of any other breach by the Purchaser of these terms and conditions or in the event of bankruptcy before the final payment, the vendor shall be entitled forthwith to retake possession of the equipment. 
3. Although the above clause exists, the purchaser is still responsible for the money (equal to the price of the equipment) should the equipment be damaged or destroyed or become unusable due to changes in the law or the imposition of taxes or any other reason the Vendor may have for not wishing to repossess the LAW equipment. Any money paid as a deposit, or otherwise, towards the purchase of the equipment shall be forfeited if repossession of the equipment by the Vendor or his appointed agent, takes place due to non-settlement of the outstanding balance. 
4. JBL Leisure Ltd is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its equipment and alterations take place continually. While every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature, our brochures should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications, nor do they constitute an offer for the sale of any particular item of equipment. Orders for custom and bespoke globes, may have separate set up instructions that form part of the generic snow globe manual for materials. 
[a] Delivery dates are an indication of endeavour to comply, but are not guaranteed and are not of the essence of any contract. We are not bound by any restriction or hold ups by customs at any port, airport in any country, should an airling have mechanical issues or a ship have any por or mechanical or weather issues JBL are not responsible for any delays caused by anything out of our direct control. 
6. RISK 
[a] Risk in goods passes to the customer while in transit unless covered by marine or other forms of pre – arranged insurance thereafter the customer shall affect all reasonable insurance. 
[a] Contract is subject to our obtaining any necessary export permissions. 
[b] Customer is bound to obtain all necessary import permissions, failing which customer is in breach. 
[c] Prices exclude all import duties, taxes, landing, warehousing etc, unless otherwise stated. (i) Unless otherwise stated, irrevocable letter of credit confirmed in UK payable at sight requiring presentation of shipping documents is required before despatch. 
[a] In lieu of all and any warranties conditions or liability by law our liability in respect of any defect in goods or for any loss, injury or damage attributable there to shall be limited to, at our option. (I) the supply of new goods in exchange for defective goods, or (ii) repair at our premises of defective goods, or (iii) payment of value of defective goods. Save as aforesaid and without prejudice thereto we shall not be liable for consequential or other damages howsoever arising. 
[b] Further, we shall not be liable (I) Unless claim is detailed in writing within 12 months of invoices date; (ii) To accept return of goods until we have examined them; (iii) Unless goods supplied are installed and demonstrated at the time of installation by the Company or installed as advised by the Company. 
[c] In respect that our goods include design and artistic work, not capable of precise definition, our obligation to supply goods to customers order is limited to supplying goods reasonably in compliance with any specification forming part thereof. We reserve the right to substitute colours without prior notice. 
[d] It is understood that our goods have a limited life, the length of which is determined according to the amount of use; consequently, goods used extensively will not last as long as goods used occasionally; customer accepts that he has no claim by reason of goods deteriorating through use. Items fitted on or off a Plywood platform are subjected to abnormal wear and will not be the subject of any liability of any nature on the company. 
9. All goods returned to the Company for work under guarantee or work undertaken at the purchaser's request and at his cost shall be returned in a clean and dry condition properly rolled and packed. Should the company judge that the goods are not in fit condition as to cleanliness, the purchaser will bear all costs of putting such goods in fit condition by removing them for cleaning or providing labour or the cost of labour to put the goods in good condition. Transport for goods collected and redelivered by the company for repair work at our premises will be charged for at cost. 
10. LAW 
This agreement shall be made and take effects as contract made in England and in accordance with the laws of England and the customer hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice in England. 
Dealers and Distributors are not agents of JBL Leisure Ltd, and have absolutely no authority to bind JBL Leisure Ltd by any expressed or implied undertaking or representation. 
We want your purchase experience to be a pleasure. 
Nothing in this sale or returns policy affects your statutory rights. 
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