JBL Giant Snow Globe was designed and patented back in 2007 and they are now used in over 66 countries worldwide. We designed the Giant Bauble and acquired the European design rights in 2015. 
Our products adhere to strict UK manufacturing guidelines and are of unprecedented quality; a fact we’re very proud of. All our snow globes globes and baubles have a patented lightweight steel base, are light, portable and very strong. JBL Globes are used by Global corporations, they are proven to be robust, durable and of the highest high commercial standard. Many are used in shopping centres and consequently are accustomed to a high footfall rate. 
Only JBL Globes include our patented telescopic safety pole, themed backdrops and light weight steel base. 
You will also be secure in the knowledge that each globe comes with our warranty and our 24/7 customer service by phone and email as well as the assurance that JBL have over 25 years’ experience in design and manufacturing. 
Do NOT be fooled by cheap copycat imitations. We are aware that other globes have come on to the market since our design was registered. They tend to use inflatable bases (similar to those you would get in a bouncy castle), and they cannot offer the Safety of our Patented walk through’ backdrop which is all part of the unique experience you’ll get with a JBL Snow Globe or Bauble. 
Here’s the science bit (!): 
JBL Globes can be insured for PLI and comply to all health and safety requirements 
JBL Globes are manufactured in accordance with EN 14960, complies with BS: 5867:1980 and can be used in Airports 
JBL Globes are Manufactured to EN 71 – Toy Regulations 
JBL Snow Globes comply to EN ISO 2060 & 2062 
JBL Inflatable Snow Globes 
JBL Eco Globe Snow is Class B1 Fire rated, 100% PLA Biodegradable non GMO material, 100% compostable, environmentally friendly 
JBL Fans & electrical equipment are PAT tested annually. 
Please be aware that our original, patented Snow Globes are ONLY available from our own website or direct through JBL Leisure or its authorised distributers, covered by our UK Patent No. GB2457100 & European Registered Design No. 000925078 - 0001. 
JBL Snow Globes and Baubles are of high quality and are manufactured in the UK.. If you are in any doubt of the authenticity of your product, please ‘Contact Us’. We will be happy to advise you. 
JBL Globes are only manufactured in the UK, if you are in any doubt about the authenticity of your product please contact using the Contact US. We will be happy to advise you. 
For further information or to make an enquiry please don't hesitate to contact us. 
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